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The Animal Agency is the world’s largest source of professional animal actors, trainers, and coordinators. We provide only the most experienced in the business, ensuring the highest degree of professionalism both on & off the set. The associates of the Animal Agency have over 30 years of experience in supplying the entertainment industry with affection trained animal actors; from exotics to domestics; from features to commercials; no job is too small or too large for The Animal Agency. All of The Animal Agency’s wranglers, trainers and animal actors are fully licensed and insured and are ready to provide you with all of your animal needs.

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Cheyenne gets Dirty with Dirty Jobs!
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We've updated our new & featured animals. We have so many now they needed their own page! We'll still highlight a few here, but be sure to follow THIS LINK to see all of our latest animal actor exploits! We're proud to feature Rowdy, our new Capuchin monkey, and Boris the Russian Boar! We have Dakota and Sierra, our new wolf babies, Tanner the Fox, and we recently completed a shoot for MTV's Rob & Big show with Meaty the Bulldog and a Mini-Horse. Cheyenne the baby grizzly is growing up fast! They're available for commercial work now! For your big cat animal actor needs, we have Taja, our adult tiger, Sundar, the new baby tiger, and Tabu the black leopard. Boomer and Blaze, our two heroic dogs, are always ready and eager to help with your production! Clicking a thumbnail will start a slideshow. You can save or print images by right clicking on them.

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Animal Agency News

August 7, 2007
Love, Lies, Bleeding is a new film being shot on location in New Mexico.  This movie is based on a story that happened in San Bernardino, California. The animal actors that were chosen from the Animal Agency were a pair of pitbulls.  These animal actors performed with an actor portraying a rival neighbor gangster who went over the fence to retrieve a stolen bicycle. 

July 31, 2007
Minor Accomplishments TV show filmed an episode in Los Angeles with our amazing capuchin monkey. The animal actor used for the show needed some help on this episode. One of our trainers was asked to take the place of the real actor during the shoot. The Animal Agency wants to thank the Minor Accomplishments TV show for giving our trainer his first TV role. 

July 23, 2007
The Animal Agency has been working to supply Paramount Pictures with various animal actors including Chimps, Orangutans, Baboon and a Capuchin

July 16, 2007
The Animal Agency supplied Penguin animal actors for Comedy Central's Mind of Mencia with Carlos Mencia.

Spotlight on New Mexico: Shooting Location

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